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Not everyone wants, or needs, a formal navigation course or certificate course. Sometimes you might just like help with practical things such as boat handling in the marina or using new electronic navigation aids. Its your decision.

We are very happy to help with what we call 'own boat tuition' where you define what you want to do rather than have to follow a set course syllabus.

For example a lot of owners of new boats, or boats new to them, benefit from practice at leaving and returning to a marina berth; this is particularly so with fast planing motor yachts with flying bridges which can often be difficult to handle in confined spaces, especially with a bit of a breeze.

Usually it is easier to get out of a berth than to get back into it. The crew are a vital part of the equation when you do get in - problems are going to arise if they can't manage to get the boat tied up quickly or have the fenders at the wrong height.

We often get enquiries from boat owners who 'just want to know how to use the new GPS plotter'; - we can do that but only if you have at least a knowledge of the rudiments of basic navigation.

Suggestions for sailing boats

handling under power

marina berthing and unberthing

Crew Over Board procedures

crew training


handling in heavy weather

cruising sail trim

cruising rig set up

basic engine and electrics maintenance

GPS, plotters, radar, VHF radio etc.

Suggestions for motor boats

marina berthing and unberthing

man overboard procedures

engine and electrics maintenance


short passage making and pilotage

electronic navigation aids

crew training  

high speed manoeuvres

fuel consumption analysis

GPS, plotters, radar VHF radio etc.