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What is a ‘delivery’?

  Moving a boat from one place to another for you.

Do you deliver sail and power?

  Yes, we are equally experienced with both sail and power.


 Sea~Craft has delivered boats from 19 feet to 80 feet.


  Any distance by sea, river, canal or lake.


  Any country, anywhere.

 Is there anywhere you don’t deliver?

  Usually only areas that the boat’s insurance will not cover.

Who have you done deliveries for?

 Sea~Craft has delivered boats for private owners, yacht brokers, yacht builders,race crews,charter companies and sailing schools.


 More than 40 years, pleasure and professional.


  Rolls Royce simply quote their horsepower as being sufficient.  So do I. But click here if you want details.


  Each delivery is different but as an indication the basic cost is typically €3.50 per nautical mile measured by the shortest distance for sail and power.  Short distance deliveries may incur a surcharge.

Extra costs?

 All expenses incurred by the boat such as fuel, harbour/marina dues, repairs, crew travel and onboard subsistence, etc., will be charged to you at cost with details and invoices supplied.


 The boat’s insurance must fully cover the intended delivery as well as the requirements of the country/countries involved.


 We will discuss the safety equipment required for a specific delivery with you. Both the safety of the boat and the crew are obviously of  paramount importance; most countries also have legal safety requirements which must be complied with. We will not proceed with a delivery if we consider it would be dangerous.


 This depends on the country or countries but typically at least registration, insurance and VAT receipt for EU countries; we will discuss this with you.

Do you organise transport by land?

 No. But we have delivered boats for onward transport by land and we have delivered and prepared boats for transport by ship.


 We don't normally charge for brief delays. If a delay arises due to gales or breakdowns for example we will discuss the options with you and agree a reasonable subsistence rate for the crew.

Breakdowns, repairs?

 Most minor faults are fixed as they occur. We will not commission professional  repairs without your approval unless there is an imminent safety risk.

Do you take owners with you?

 Sometimes. It depends on the boat, the trip and the owners experience and expectations. Deliveries can be very tough going and no fun for the inexperienced.

How do I get a quote?

 As each delivery is unique we must to talk to you initially about a delivery.

 Please call us at 01 286 3362 national or +353 1 286 3362   international or e-mail     david@seacraft.ie