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RYA DAY SKIPPER/WATCH LEADER shorebased certificate

The RYA Day Skipper shorebased course is the ideal way to begin the RYA shorebased navigation course progression.

It is designed to be appropriate for skippers and crew who want to feel competent to make the decisions necessary to skipper and navigate a cruising sailing yacht or motor boat safely and enjoyably at sea in coastal waters.

A sound knowledge of paper and electronic charts and chartwork, their interaction with global satellite positioning systems such as GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO and the ability to access and use tidal stream and tidal height information are essential for safe cruising at sea.

On the Day Skipper shorebased course you will explore these subjects fully and practice their application, developing confidence in your abilities in a comfortable and friendly classroom environment.

The weather is of paramount importance when planning a passage or cruise. We will look at the sources of weather forecasts and how to use the information available to the best advantage.

You will learn the International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRCPS) so that you understand what action to take when different situations arise between you and other vessels of all types.

A pilotage plan is essential for safe entry into an unfamiliar harbour or marina; you will learn about pilotage planning and pilotage techniques.

The Sea~Craft Day Skipper course is a wide ranging, satisfying and informative course. Using RYA practice charts it is supported by the RYA Training Almanac and the RYA shorebased course notes.

The RYA Day Skipper shorebased course completion certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

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